We are a 501(c)(3) volunteer organization dedicated to offering world-class programs for youth girls ages 9-16. We received our 501(c)(3) status from the Federal Government in June of 2009. We are an approved charity of the Georgia Secretary of State.

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RUTH 4 Kids Foundation
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RUTH4Kids has designed and adopted a program model which embraces interdisciplinary learning in the field of STEAM(S); incorporating an additional “S” to include Self-Care and Self-Awareness. RUTH4Kids developed “The Evolution of RUTH” framework, describing the essential nature of the program design as transformational. We are working to transform the perception of STEAM career options, highlighting the infinite possibilities and interdisciplinary combinations.  We are working to transform the history and current state of female inclusion, creating a collaborative support system of experts in their fields. We are working to transform the way in which young women view themselves and their capabilities, both personally and professionally. As a conduit of transformation, The Evolution of RUTH will guide young women making a positive impact in STEAM.   
Through our initiatives, we will work to: 

  • Increase the number of individuals obtaining bachelor’s degrees or higher, by beginning to introduce higher education institutions and curriculums in pre-high school years.   

  • Contribute to the reduction of the gender divide in STEAM fields, in a demographic area that is predominantly African American and female.  

  • Improve quality of life through physical wellness; access to mentoring and career guidance; and understanding of elements that contribute to a higher standard of living.  

  • Increase awareness of and participation in the vast variety of STEAM occupations, by collaborating with employers and encouraging interdisciplinary career paths.

  • Measure the effectiveness of the programs through growth in attendance, return of previous attendees, and participant 

Meet Our Founder

When I started RUTH4Kids in 2009 my goal was to facilitate mentorship and support, in a safe and comfortable environment; pouring into the lives of young women, especially my daughters.  RUTH4Kids was named after my grandmother; Ruth B. Settle who played a very influential role in my life. RUTH4Kids Foundation represents a Mother/Mentor-Daughter/Mentee relationship and a commitment to make a difference in the lives of youth girls.  Time has shown that the encouragement and support of young women all over the world is imperative now, more than ever; as our girls face changes and challenges that become more difficult to balance with each passing day.   As a mother, I understand the concern we face each day, as our children leave the safe confines of our homes. As a mentor, I have talked candidly with young women that feel as though the odds are stacked against them; as they struggle against society and self-image.  As a professional, I have personally experienced the issues of discrimination that can arise as a woman in the workplace; sometimes causing us to question our abilities.  Finally, as a woman, I can sympathize, with the need to seek guidance from parents, siblings, friends, and mentors, but still having to gain the confidence and the willingness to move in my own direction.  With each year that passes, RUTH4Kids will continue to be that conduit moving our young women towards that confidence. When we, as women, are internally equipped with confidence, self-awareness, and determination, and externally surrounded by love, support, and encouragement, we are unstoppable.  


From the Heart,
Philana Swann

Board of Directors

Philana Swann, MBA

RUTH4Kids Foundation, Inc.

Uneeka Jay


CEO Rewrite 365
Exton, PA

Ms. Lee D. Jackson


CEO- SRV Bookkeeping & Accounting
Bookkeeper/ Accountant
Sugar Hill, GA

Dr. Jewell Robinson-Parker


Wellstar Hospital System
Nurse Practitioner
Alpharetta, GA

Derrick Smith


Mercedes Benz
Stone Mountain, GA

Sharon Steele

Finance Committee Chair

Habitat for Humanity Dekalb
Lilburn, GA

Deliesha Stewart

Sapphire Blu Accountancy, LLC
Stone Mountain, GA

Hassan Swann

CEO PH Consultants
IT Consultant
Lithonia, GA

Sonji Williams

Vice Chair

Software QA Analyst

American Cancer Society
Lithonia, GA

Our Executive Volunteers

Nakia White

Parent, Board Member &
Event Coordinator

Hassan Swann

Board Member & Parent

Kenyatta Dawson


We're Looking for Good People

Volunteer opportunities exist at every level of the RUTH 4 Kids Foundation — several positions require as little as three hours per year. Volunteers participate by serving on national committees, which are each responsible for Foundation projects.

For a list of committees currently recruiting, please Send a Request and you will be promptly contacted and placed on a committee that connects your preferences, your background, and our needs.


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